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I AM the light of the world. 

He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. 

John 8:12 

I Am


Please Don't Divorce God!!

I AM the goal of all your searching. When you seek Me, you find Me and are satisfied. My light shines most brightly through believers who trust Me in the dark. When lesser goals capture your attention, I fade into the background of your life. I am still there, watching and waiting, but you function as if you were alone. When things seem all wrong, trust me anyway. I AM much less interested in right circumstances than in right responses to whatever comes your way. My Light shines on every situation you will ever face. Listen more to Me and less to your doubts. Let nothing dampen your search for Me. You Are not alone. 

Psalm 27:8

Philippians 4:7

Jeremiah 29:13

Yes, you are right…God does not like divorce but God never stops loving you…ever. He does not judge you or forsake you. He wants to pour His Mercy, Love and Grace on you and for you to receive it. This is what glorifies Him. Please don’t divorce God, especially now. 

The I AM Workshops are an opportunity to get closer to God and allow Him to help you during your divorce process. It is a time to refocus on His promises and what you can count on. During the I AM workshops you will get to see yourself the way the Lord sees you. Through interactive experiential activities you will rediscover who you are in Christ and in the world. You will have the opportunity to make new commitments and embrace your calling. In a safe environment you will be supported in this time of transformation and renewal. 

As we all know Divorce is often seen as a “battlefield”. The I AM workshops will help you put on your armor, the armor of God. ~Ephesians 6 

I Am the way and the Truth and the Life 

~ John 14:6 

I Am 

~ Exodus 3:14 

Don't Divorce God
I Am... Terilynn

Terilynn is Real, Raw, Loving, Bold, Salt of The Earth, Direct, Honest, Fun, Enthusiastic, Unique and Called. She Loves the Lord with all of her Heart!!'


At 60 years of age she has had a lot of life experiences including the Corporate World, Sales & Marketing, Fashion Industry, Event Planner, Giftware Manufacturer, Mexico Mission Field With YWAM, and, and, and.....


Terilynn grew up in Redondo Beach, California and moved to Big Bear from Beverly Hills in 1995 to open a team building company. Over the last 25 years Terilynn has owned and operated a Teambuilding, Leadership Development and Ropes Course Company providing experiential programs for Corporations, Youth Groups, Schools, Colleges, Church Groups and many other organized leadership groups.  


At age 46 she gave birth to her one and only wonderful daughter Tristin. Tristin is her ‘Jesus Buddy’ and they are growing in the Lord together. After an awful, dark, painful divorce from Tristin's father, Terilynn's life began to change. As a scared single Mom she thought her life was over. She had Jesus in her heart but was not in relationship with Him intimately. He was calling but she was not listening.  During this time, Terilynn was asked to be a contributing author to the book “The Inspirational Parent, The Magical Ingredient For Effective Parenting”, which became an Amazon Number One Best Seller. The title of Terilynn’s chapter is “GET REAL”. Putting pen to paper had Terilynn see how detrimental divorce could be and how she handled it was going to shape Tristin. She knew it was time to “Get Real” with God. It was from that moment her walk with the Lord became the number one focus in her life.  


Terilynn's passion in getting to know the Lord more intimately is contagious. She seeks Jesus and hungers for His Word. She feels privileged as an Ambassador for Christ and strives to be more like Him everyday. She has come to know, through her own painful trials and battles, the Lord allows us to go through these times in an attempt to bring us closer to Him. This is how He speaks to each of us while loving us along the way. Terilynn reminds others daily on how beautiful they are in His sight and how magnificently they have been created. She sees people all equal and embraces diversity in all shapes and sizes.


Terilynn has been blessed and given the gift of Wisdom and Knowledge. She humbly gives all of the credit to God as she continues to facilitate programs making a difference with tens of thousands of people to date. She has now come to a time in her walk with the Lord that she feels she must use her gift in a bolder way for His Glory. The I AM Workshops have been created to assist others into an intimate relationship with Christ. 

Terilynn's passion for people to experience the true heart of God is infectious. When God speaks, she listens and responds. There are very few people who walk with as much fearlessness as she does. But she does so because she understands whose she is. Having been through much, she offers a unique blend of humble compassion and bold encouragement to help others move forward in hard times. God has used her giftedness countless times over the years to cut though the junk of life and perform lifesaving open-heart surgery on so many people. When you meet her you instantly know that she genuinely loves you and wants you to experience the freedom that comes with knowing how God sees a loved and valuable creation.


~ Pastor  Nick Greenwood

Friend and Director of Global Projects and Initiatives  

CRM   Church Resource Ministries

"I Am" Statements
I Am... Red

Loren “Red” Werner has been facilitating experiential education programs for over 23 years.  Growing up in a camp setting instilled in him a sense of community and a strong set of core values. Through his ability in creating a safe space for each individual, speaking with integrity, honoring each person’s level of challenge and holding others to their highest, Red makes a positive difference in the lives of others wherever he is.

In the year 2006 Red met Terilynn and they began facilitating a variety of programs ranging from Church Groups, Corporations, Youth Groups, Schools, Colleges and many other organized teams. After 8 years of partnership Red and Terilynn opened SOAR Team, Inc. “We make an amazing team in the field and in life.” They became partners in marriage becoming Husband and Wife in January of 2016. Together they continue to facilitate transformational programs, committed to making a difference in every person they meet.

I Am... Kimberly

I am a God centered paralegal who has spent over a decade working between the attorneys and legal system and you.  You may be a spouse, who is no longer going to be part of a couple.  You may be a parent, who is no longer part of an intact family unit.  But as I am, you are too a child of God.  You are lost and scared within a legal system who does not know you.  I have always tried to shine God's light and love on this dark path.  


I am an observer of God's hand in this process for I see it all the time.  God does not like divorce or legal separation, but He loves you.  So therefore, He is present.  Allow us to help you find your God centered self and fit you with the Amour of God.

Making a Difference

Thank you for allowing God to use you the way he did.


~ LaCheryl, SOAR Participant

Thank you SOAR TEAM for seeing me. For lovingly pushing me further than I thought I could go. It was on of the best things I've done.


~ Maisha, SOAR Participant

Terilynn is an amazing human being - kind, warm and with a deep understanding of the human being and the struggle we go through.


Her commitment to making a difference in people lives through the work she does at SOAR and as a coach is one of the reasons why my life has made a turn for the better over the past 10 years.

As a center owner, coach and transformational graduate, I am blessed to have her as an ally in making a difference in people's lives.


~ Ariel Galindo

Visión de Vida 

It has been my absolute privilege to work for/with Terilynn and Red and the rest of the SOAR team. Walking into that office nearly ten years ago opened my eyes and changed my perspective about how we shape our lives. I learned about my own value in this world. Truly, life is what we make it.

Being in the field with Terilynn and Red is a beautiful thing to experience! This work is their passion and it shows. It blows my mind when I see how intuitive they are regarding human nature - such a gift. They see through our facades with compassion and understanding, encouraging people get out of their comfort zone, let go of behaviors that do not serve them and stretch to their fullest potential.


When people approach us at the end of the day and tell us what a huge difference the SOAR experience has made for them... that is the ultimate reward. Making a positive difference in people's lives is what it is all about! 

~ Gwen, SOAR Facilitator

What an incredible experience that Terilynn and Red (Loren) have created. I felt incredibly safe and yet challenged the entire day. Terilynn’s laser-like focus was inspiring. Thank you both for sharing your insight and wisdom with the world.


~ Rochelle, SOAR Participant

Most Amazing, self elevating, unpredictable experience!! Thank you for your time and compassion. You guys are awesome!!!


~ Christina, SOAR Participant

Terilynn is is a close friend of mine. She is a inner circle kind of friend. She’s a survivor, fighter and a lover of Jesus. She sees the spiritual battle that comes with divorce and wants to teach others the secrets she has learned.  You are in good hands with Terilynn as your facilitator.


~ Katie, Friend

"Terilynn is the definition of extraordinary, leadership, love, and passion! I have known her for 8 years now and her intensity to bring out the best version of yourself with every person she encounters is unimaginable! Her ability to shift who she gets to be to support someone to WIN is magic in the making! As the owner of Educational Awakening Center, I hold myself with complete integrity and compassion when it comes to people’s lives. I have a very high standard when it comes to coaching and supporting people’s breakthroughs. The ONLY trainers I have ever partnered up to work with my students outside of EAC is Terilynn and Red! That is how much respect and trust I have for Terilynn! I am blessed to consider her my friend and so honored to be able to support her vision come to life! Trust me when I say, your life will not be the same if she is in your life!"


~ Ariya Malek

CEO Educational Awakening Center

In the Field

Workshop Dates Coming Soon!

If you are interested in attending, please contact us for more information.

Dates TBA
  • What should I wear to the Workshop?
    Please wear casual, comfortable and layered clothing to allow for weather variations. Close toed shoes are required. All participants will receive a What To Wear List prior to the Workshop along with local weather forecast.
  • Is this Workshop like a Bible Study?
    This is a Faith - Based Workshop focusing on Biblical principles in an interactive setting indoors and out.
  • Is the Workshop all indoors?
    No. The Workshop will be both indoors and outdoors throughout the weekend. Please see the What To Wear List for appropriate dress.
  • Is lodging included in the Workshop fees?
    No it is not, although we recommend lodging with the Robinhood Resort in the Big Bear Village. They are supporting the I AM Workshop and have offered a 10% discount to the participants.
  • Who and What Experience do the Workshop Facilitators have?
    See under I AM Workshops where you will find the "Statement of Who I Am" outlines.
  • What level of participation is required?
    As with all SOAR programs our philosophy is "Challenge By Choice". Each participant is encouraged to step out of their Comfort Zone and at the same time is honored for the level in which they chose to participate.
  • Are vegetarian meals available?
    Once a participant has registered and given the deposit, a packet of information and questionnaire will be sent out. In this packet there will be a place to speak into any vegetarian and / or dietary needs.
  • How far is Cedar Lake Camp from the lodging facilities?
    Big Bear Lake is not a large city and most lodging facilities are within a 10 minute drive.
  • Is this Workshop affiliated with a particular Church?
    No. This is a non-denominational Christian Workshop supporting one another in our walk with the Lord. Participants will be from various areas throughout Southern California.
  • Do I have to attend both days of the Workshop?
    Yes, the Workshop has been designed to be facilitated over a two day period.
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