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Frequently Asked Questions

"The SOAR Team delivered more
than we could ever have hoped for."


Are all of the SOAR programs only provided in Big Bear, California?


No, SOAR provides programs all over the United States, indoors and out. Contact Us for more information.



Are there other programs other than Ropes Course climbing?


Absolutely. We offer custom designed programs that can be in a classroom setting, conference room, low team building activities on the ground, on the sandy beaches, in a park or activities field, Invention Convention, The Great Race, etc.


What if someone in the group is physically challenged, overweight or elderly?


SOAR has designed the programs to include each participant even if they do not participate in physical climbing or activity. The processing and debriefing is valuable and each person can engage in other areas of participation such as coaching, support, helping with gear, etc. Each individual is encouraged to participate 100% in how they are able which is significant to the overall goal of their group.


What if someone is scared and does not want to participate?


SOAR's philosophy is "Challenge By Choice". The participant is challenged to choose to participate outside of their Comfort Zone although we believe that each person has their own level of challenge. Both SOAR and the participants are asked to honor Challenge By Choice throughout each and every program.


What do the participants that are not climbing do? Do they line up and wait?


Absolutely Not.The SOAR programs are active and engaging. The participants are given roles while they are waiting for their turn at climbing such as belaying the climber on ropes, coaching and supporting their team, assisting their team mates in putting on gear, etc. Our group sizes are approximately 12 people per group with their own SOAR facilitator. This allows for personal attention to each participant and individual coaching.


Does the SOAR staff have training?


Each SOAR facilitator is trained to the standards of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) with many of those holding either Level I or Level II Certification. The SOAR staff is given over 60 hours in their initial training and encouraged and supported to continue to enhance their skills in all areas of facilitation.


Does the group need to bring any gear or hardware?


No, SOAR provides all gear, hardware and props needed for each program. Our gear is designed to fit participants

ranging in small sizes to large sizes. Our gear is inspected annually as well as the Ropes Courses that we utilize throughout the Nation.


Does SOAR have Insurance / Liability, Worker's Comp?


Without a doubt. SOAR has all the appropriate Insurances that cover a multitude of areas such as Liability & Worker's Compensation with the ability to add specific "riders" to meet your group's requirements. Each Participant is required to sign a Participant Agreement.


Are the SOAR facilitators Background checked?


Yes. The SOAR facilitators are background checked and the Interview process is approximately 4 days in length. 

Youth Mentoring Connection
Huntington Beach Leadership RMLA
Webb Schools
YMCA Long Beach
UC San Diego
Azusa Pacific Women's Soccer
US Foods
For The Need Simi Valley
FM Global
Master's University Women's Basketball
Port of Long Beach
Barstow Unified School District
Verbum Dei High School
Vista Murrieta High School

"We hired you because our team needed to realign on the goals & vision of our organization. What we returned with is a new appreciation and respect to the significance of each member of the team. Thank you for all of your pre-planning and the ability to listen to the needs of our group."

GdBA Gavin de Becker
La Salle University
UC Riverside
Success Academy
American Red Cross Youth Leadership
Leadership Long Beach

"Now we know where the name 'SOAR' came from. That's what has been happening to our team since we got back!"

"The magic of the mountains was so good for us 'city folks' it gave us the opportunity to be in an environment that took us back to the basics. The SOAR Team's ability to create automatic trust was evident and you are great role models of leadership reminding us of what is available."

Warner Pacific
Perris High School ASB
National Training Center
San Jacinto Unified School District
Sage Hill School
Rio Hondo College
Point Loma High School Varsity Football
Pitzer College
Heritage Health
Inner-City Arts
La Verne High School
Big Bear High School Varsity Volleyball
Southern California Mountains Foundation
SDSU Basketball
Holy Spirit Church
Vision de Vida

"SOAR's activities were great! Our team had so much fun, and even though many of us have worked together for years, we still discovered new things about each other and learned how we can function better as a team."

Cypress College
La Sierra University Ignite
Cal State University Office of the Chancellor
LifeLegacy Foundation
Riverside Police Department Opportunity With Education OWE
Cal State University San Marcos
HOLA Heart of Los Angeles
Family Church
Junior Ambassadors
iLead Schools, SCVI
Illumina tu Ser
Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Alive Seminars
Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
Cal State Dominguez Hills
Oilers Volleyball
All-Ways Pacific
Lyla Messenger

" exceeded our expectations and created lasting results for our team."

Momentum Education Los Angeles
Cajon High School Cowboys ASB
Benchmark Courses
Riverside Police Foundation Youth Council
Ohr Eliyahu
Loma Linda University School of Anesthesiology
Long Beach City College
Orange Lutheran Baseball
Newport Harbor High School Tennis
Marquez Elementary
Etrian Muslim Council
Corpus Christi Youth Ministry
Mision Vital

"I had no idea how much was available on a program like this."

Dana Hills High School Girls Tennis
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
Claremont McKenna College
Junipero Serra High School
Lincoln Military Housing - Ft Irwin
El Camino College
Kaiser Permanente
Los Coyotes Middle School
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