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Bravo 2023! Let's Partner With '24!

Have you ever thought of how much power we give to a New Year?  I often hear myself saying, “This is going to be a great year!”  I almost feel like this thing we call a new year is like a human something that dictates if it’s going to be good or bad.  Sometimes I feel like this is a new 12 months to begin over, to make a New Year’s resolution, and to begin again as if the previous year was not good enough. Each new year somehow feels like it’s disconnected from the previous year compartmentalizing and possibly discrediting all the amazing things that have already happened.


I always strive to raise my bar, to be my best self and to grow with my focus on gratitude.  I sometimes wonder if I would have more fun and be more productive if I just blurred the lines of each year and kept on going, treating it like one big jigsaw puzzle. Every day would be a steadfast search for the next important piece I can place with intention, smiling with a sense of accomplishment because I found the piece that had been staring me in the face all along.


I encourage all of us to focus on what to add to what we are already doing well  and to acknowledge each puzzle piece we have already added.  The momentum of life can be a blast if we choose to see all the good in the challenges and the successes and then go on to share our wisdom along the way.  So here is to past, present, and future all stacked  together.  Let’s be all that we were meant to be and create a lifetime of magnificence one piece at a time.

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