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Every Child Needs a Hero

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As a facilitator of team and leadership development, you have a wonderful and important responsibility; you get the opportunity to be a much needed example of adult leadership.


The precious young people you work with are wide-eyed with admiration when they are introduced to you—their ropes course facilitator. Imagine it: cargo pants and cool hiking boots, harness on, ropes slung across your back, and carabiners clanking as you strut in with authority. You look like a super hero.


The bodies of these young people may look nearly developed, but their minds are still

impressionable. You see facilitator, they will idolize you. We don’t have heroes anymore, so your responsibilities are great. Impress them, facilitator.


When they return home after a program with you, let their eyes shine as they share with friends and family:

  • Their facilitator listened to them, and they felt heard.

  • Their facilitator was willing to see them as they are, and they felt seen.

  • Their facilitator was kind, compassionate, and lead them to a place of discovering their own leadership.  

Facilitator, be the hero that these young people long for. Be the hero that you were meant to be as you change young lives, person by person.

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