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Unlocking the Secrets to Effective Leadership for Thriving Teams

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” -Jack Welch
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Who you are matters

Are you someone people want to follow?

Do people trust you?

Trust connects people to a leader’s vision. With trust, others want to help move that vision forward. Without it, there will be no connection or forward movement.


Do people feel inspired, empowered, and encouraged by you?

Good leaders bring out the best in people by sharing the best in themselves.


Do people feel run over by you?

Good leaders focus on what they can give—not what they can get. Taking a moment to sincerely acknowledge others and their contributions is imperative to the strength of a good leader.


Do people see you as powerful?

With power comes the responsibility to serve, develop, and empower others; the best test of a man’s character is to give them power.


Do people see you as leading with negativity?

Leading with enthusiasm, optimism, and positive energy is the key to a healthy team. Focusing first on what worksand spending less time focused on what didn’tempowers others to do the same. Optimism is an essential ingredient to achievement, courage, and true progress.


Do people feel you think you have all the answers?

A smart leader recognizes they do not have all the answers, and instead builds a team that does. A leader is committed to listening with curiosity—open to others’ perspectives—and embracing success as a process, not a destination. When a leader authentically focuses on their people and the process—rather than the outcome—we call that winning!

Whose leadership do you admire?

Take a moment to think of someone with leadership qualities you admire. What is it about this person that makes them stand out? Do others trust them? Do people want to follow them?

Now ask yourself honestly: is my team thriving under my leadership?

Would others aspire to lead more like me?

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