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What the World Needs Now: Intentional Kindness

Three sticky notes that read wow, I love you, fantastic.

Kindness is the most powerful way to transform any relationship, and the world desperately needs more of it. Spouses, friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and all loving relationships deserve kindness.

You may be saying, “I am kind!’’ But… maybe we’re not as kind as we think we are.


I believe we often view others as unkind—not budging until they do. I wonder if—because of this—we focus too much on ourselves, missing opportunities to strengthen relationships through intentional kindness. I can honestly say that being intentionally kind brings me a rush of contentment; my heart smiles, and my day is made when others walk away happy—it’s “two for the price of one!”

Intentional Kindness to Strengthen Relationships

We all have challenging relationships that we’d like to strengthen but perhaps don’t know how to have that deeper connection. Thinking about reaching out to this person makes our courage dwindle, and the fear of rejection overtakes us. We put our kindness back on the shelf and hope the relationship will magically fix itself some other time.


Well folks, the truth is we already have that kindness magic in the palm of our hands.

And we have a choice: give it away, or keep it to ourselves.

I encourage you to choose one person, and for the next 28 days, open your hand—give them that kindness. Be intentional—write a list of ideas you feel comfortable starting with.

Here are some examples to get the wheels turning:

  • Brighten their day by leaving positive sticky notes in places they will notice.

  • Show them how important they are by being a committed listener. Ask questions from a place of curiosity to show them interest and engagement.

  • Laugh together. (Just have fun!)

  • Look for ways to affirm, compliment, acknowledge, and empower them, then tell them!

  • Surprise them with a snack (or another fun item) you know they like and is just for them.

  • Show them how trusted, important, and needed they are by thinking of something you can authentically ask for their opinion, perspective, advice, or help with.

  • Notice everything they do right and tell them. (Emails, texts, sticky notes, in person…it doesn’t matter how—just share it!)

I hope that reading this list made you smile—maybe it brought someone special to mind!

Have fun designing your own list; I have no doubt that once you start, you’ll come up with lots of awesome ideas. The special person you choose is blessed to have you in their life, and I’ll bet they’ve also wanted to strengthen their relationship with you.

Go for it! Share this way of being with others, and lead by example by letting intentional kindness become your norm.


What are your favorite ways to practice intentional kindness? Let me know in the comments!

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